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If you are looking to change the way your space is being utilised – whether it is a conversion or a development – Brownwood are here to help.

We undertake all aspects of commercial building contracting, from developing vacant space in an existing plot, to converting commercial offices and unused areas above shops on high streets into residential flats.

A commercial to residential conversion in simple terms, is taking an existing building that is used for retail or business – usually an office or workshop – and repurposing it into a liveable space, whether it’s a block of flats, a HMO or a single dwelling.

One of the main benefits that make this kind of investment worth doing, is that commercial properties are usually valued significantly lower than residential buildings as they are in less demand. Therefore, the building is likely to be left vacant for long periods of time unless is it advertised at an attractive price.

By converting into a liveable area, you are far more likely to generate a greater return in investment, especially if you are in a built up and sought after area.

If you would like to discuss a conversion project with us, please feel free to get in touch below.


  • Commercial to residential
  • Shop front and refitting
  • Structural work
  • Conversions – split house into 2 flats
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Commercial builder in Worthing

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